Blinded By The Lights?

31 01 2008

Ashley Cole really is stupid. Yeah, I know, not a revelation to anybody but as if the way he left Arsenal for Chelsea (not only the decision to leave but how he handled it) wasn’t bad enough, he cheats on his wife. I remember when the story broke last week I was amazed. When Ashley first landed Cheryl I thought, even for a footballer with all that money, he was punching above his weight.

He’s hardly an Adonis, he’s short, and he’s not particularly blessed with model good looks either. She might be a Geordie and a terrible singer but she is incredibly gorgeous, quite possibly one of the most beautiful English women you’ll see (of course Keira Knightley has to take that crown) and it’s not like she’s poor. Financially she hardly needs his money so you must wonder what on Earth she ever saw in him.

What makes it worse is who he cheated with. If you’re going to cheat on one of the hottest women in the country make sure you do it with someone better you daft tool! To be fair it’s quite common. You’re always hearing stories of celebrities cheating and then when you look at who they cheated with it’s invariably with a dog. Jude Law is yet another example, cheating on the stunning Sienna Miller with the ugly Daisy Wright.

Why do they do it? I’ve always said if you’re going to cheat, cheat with someone really hot. Like with anything if you’re going to be bad, be really bad. Go the whole hog or don’t bother. No matter how hard I try I simply don’t understand it. What do you think, why do these guys do it? Not the cheating, so much, as the ugly women they do it with.



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31 01 2008

I got a good laugh at how the Arsenal supporters booed him every time he touched the ball in their match a while back. Pure entertainment.

31 01 2008
Mr President

That really was quite joyous. Highly entertaining too.

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