Monday Meme – “The Could you survive in London?” Test

28 01 2008

Being a Londoner born and bred failing this test was not an option. I’d have had to take myself out back and shoot myself in the jewels. Although the idea that Londoners use Cockney slang all that much is a bit of a myth we sell to the yanks to get you to come over and spend your money here as tourists this test is quite fun (especially if you’re not from London).

Your chance of survival in London is 100%

I hope you had fun doing this test – obviously the British are walking it. Now that the test has been live for 24hrs I can see that my countrymen and women are all getting 100%.

For the rest of you, the correct answers to the questions are shown below. I’d recommend you visit the very funny (and crude at times) site shown below if you want to learn more about British slang. Or you could take my advanced “Could you survive in London” test. Some of the expressions in general use are disgusting and not very politically correct, but we’re like that here in the UK!

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6 responses

28 01 2008

28 01 2008
Mr President

Damn, didn’t see the answers were in the code for your results.

28 01 2008
jayne d'Arcy

I just guessed on everything and got 55%.

28 01 2008
Mr President

Hehe. To be fair there were only two answers to each question so the probability is that everyone should get at least 50% simply on the odds.

29 01 2008

Considering I’m a Yank, didn’t fare too bad, scored 88%

29 01 2008
Mr President

Not at all! That’s pretty good. Here, have a cookie.

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