Random Roundup 2008

19 01 2008

Samuel L Jackson was right. There are <expletive> snakes on this <expletive> plane. Next time you have a business trip to Hanoi you might want to steer clear of Vietnam Airlines. Between the snakes and the lady boys I’m not too fond of the idea of visiting Bangkok either. I am, however, incredibly proud of the Chinese response to the smoking ban.

You would think that if you were going to steal essays from the internet you’d at least remove the adverts first. It seems today’s kids are not only too stupid to spell things properly but can’t even cheat! No wonder they’re having to make exams easier and easier. Although I could engage in editorial about the next story I won’t, except to quote, “He called to say he’d just broken into a flat and found a dead body”.

Then there’s the boomerang that came back in the post. Poor postman! Police in Lithuania arrested a woman for shoplifting only to discover she was dead. It gives a whole new meaning to “dead to rights”. I’m amazed when people claim to be afraid of clowns. What do they find scary? Is it the comically big feet or the giant red noses?



3 responses

19 01 2008
Jayne d'Arcy

Jack posted recently about clowns. It’s their faces. They’re just plain freaky.

19 01 2008
Solomon Broad

It’s the fact that clowns look so different to “normal people”. I’m not scared of them, but I think I’d have difficulty being round one.

19 01 2008
Mr President

I’m still none the wiser. The makeup just isn’t scary, it’s funny and often fascinating. Maybe I’m the weird one because everyone else seems to think they really are freaky.

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