In Recognition Of My Greatness

12 01 2008

Today is a glorious day. Your leader and God’s Gift to Mankind has been awarded for services to the Blogosphere as well as sheer awesomeness above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Jayne for speaking as the voice of all bloggers (and blog readers) everywhere. I’ve always known how beloved and worshipped I am, but everyone seems so shy about admitting it.

Quite frankly it’s about time people realised that I am a legend, a visionary, a man ahead of his time. When I am gone the pantheon of history will place me alongside such other luminaries as Mahatma Gandhi (I look better in a loincloth than him), Martin Luther King (I have dreams, plural) and Mother Theresa (loses points for the whole Catholicism thing). Actually, if we’re honest, history will record me as greater than all three.

No, I will not share the award with anyone else. It’s bad enough I have to share it with Jayne (and whoever else shared it with her). If I had my way I’d nuke the lot of them so the award would be mine, all mine. You should all be grateful for being blessed to share the same oxygen as me and yet some of you wish to consider yourself my peers?

What? I have to share this with others? This is an outrage, an outrage I tell you! You’ll be hearing from my lawyers! FINE. Here are some links to some totally crappy blogs that aren’t even worthy of sharing the same blogosphere as me but since they commented on my blog I might as well share it with them. Happy now?!

Jayne (who, all jokes aside, has been a great support for a long time now)

Bio (who has been a good friend and confidante for a couple of years)

SomeGoSoftly (a woman as intelligent and funny as she is beautiful.)

Romi (it’s amazing to think that we first came to know one another via an argument!)

Andy (His approach to politics is intelligent and refreshing)

Pribek (I never tire of reading his views on any topic)

Steven (For creating TwitBox, providing me so much material)

Sarah (Gorgeous. Intelligent. Geeky.)



11 responses

12 01 2008
Jayne d'Arcy

You know, I think I’m most impressed by your absolute humility.

12 01 2008
Mr President

I know, it’s yet another amazing quality I possess, don’t you agree?

12 01 2008
andy d

Don’t forget Leadership. Without your take on the issues, where would we be?

12 01 2008
Mr President

EXACTLY! I’m an inspiration to you people!

13 01 2008

*sheds a tear*

I feel so special. You are so humble, so amazing, and such an inspiration to us all!


Let me know when you want to collect my “payment”. 😉

13 01 2008

I’d like to take this chance to thank the little people. Without them, none of this would be possible. So, any of you, out there who are say….under 5’4″, sincere thanks.

We should do like the Nobel people do, have a big party somewhere in honor of ourselves. I could bring dip.

Good to see you back Pres

13 01 2008
Mr President

I’ll be round this evening Bio, you sexy thing.

Believe it or not I’m under 5’4″…I do like the big party in honour of ourselves. Of course it depends on what kind of dip…

Good to be back Pribek, good to be back.

13 01 2008

“Believe it or not I’m under 5′4″”. I don’t know why that surprises me (had you pegged as a George Clooney type) but, we’ve only been acquainted through the blogs. Just one more reason for the party.
Artichoke hearts/parmigiano reggiano dip.
BTW- Did you know that both Larry Fine and Mo Howard (Three Stooges) were 5′4″? Mel Brooks too.

13 01 2008
Mr President

No, much more Tom Cruise than George Clooney.

That dip sounds delicious. Let’s partay like it’s 1999!

15 01 2008

I’m in the short club too, you’d just never know with the 7″ heels I am usually in. You heard it here first! Thanks for the honors of finding a way to mention me in a blog mostly about yourself. 😉

15 01 2008
Mr President

7″ inch heels? Are you really trying to give me mental images necessitating a very long cold shower? So in addition to being beautiful and intelligent you’re also short and wear impossibly long heels.

Your fella truly is lucky. I hope he realises that!

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