New Years Revolution?

11 01 2008

It’s that time of year again when people make promises to themselves to change things about their lives and never follow through. A recent survey stated that, unsurprisingly, the top New Year’s Resolution this year was to lose weight. Hands up if that was one of yours. Although I may not agree with why they’re doing it, since I believe it’s the result of brainwashing and being fed lies, I am rather pleased to see that recycling more and being greener was the third most popular.

People should do what they can to lessen their impact on the environment, I’ve never argued otherwise. Just like people losing weight or giving up smoking it’s a good resolution, it’s true self-improvement at work. Whilst I’m not sure that the same could be said for joining up to a social networking site, it certainly isn’t a harmful activity and if it helps people keep in touch (which pops in at number 7) then that’s good.

What I found funny was the fact that those who answered the poll (or possibly the people compiling the results) seemed to think that exercising more and losing weight were different things. Whilst I’m sure nobody sees them as mutually exclusive I still find it hilarious that there are people who believe they can lose weight without exercise.

I’m sorry, I’m here to tell you that it cannot be done. Sure, if you’re happy starving yourself and losing tiny amounts of weight, but if you actually expect to achieve genuine results by dieting you’re in for a shock. A healthy diet coupled with a serious exercise regime will make you lose weight far quicker than any quick-fix diet regime (trust me, I’ve tried every one and the only thing that actually worked was exercise).

The trainers at my gym, including the one who had come up with my exercise programme, were utterly amazed at the results I achieved (I actually blitzed the results advertised for their “boot camp” course to lose weight). However not only have I lost weight incredibly quickly (and by doing it the right way I actually look better, not just thinner) but even though I completely let myself go over Christmas, eating, drinking and making merry (tis the season after all) I hardly put any weight on at all.

Within just a couple of days back at the gym I’ve already begun to look leaner again. Not only do I look good but I feel good. Even when I’m not eating the sort of rubbish I ate over Christmas (when I wasn’t exercising either) I still eat “normal” food rather than being restricted by some arbitrary diet. All I do is eat sensibly, eating only as much as my body needs and keeping my diet balanced. Like all the best things in life it’s simple.

What about you, what are your New Years Resolutions? Any good at keeping them?



2 responses

11 01 2008
Jayne d'Arcy

Our tradition is not to make them. It’s stressful and we never keep them.

11 01 2008
Mr President

Yeah, I tend to make “life resolutions” whenever I feel something needs a change. I think that’s better than pegging it to some arbitrary date, which only heightens the likelihood it’ll never be kept up.

Very surprised by the lack of interest in this. I suppose it has been ten days and most people have probably already broken theirs!

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