Blog Ninjas: The Story So Far

10 01 2008

bn_button2.gifThose of you visiting this site regularly (that’ll be the crazy ones among you then) may have noticed the references to Blog Ninjas. Not to mention the many many references to the MTC. Most of this small (and clearly mentally disturbed) group already know the full story of the birth of this magical group but for those who don’t here’s a quick catch-up.

Over on a Blog traffic exchange that I won’t name or link to but will simply say is about as “explosive” as jelly (that’s jell-o to our American cousins) a rather nice chap by the name of Dan came up with the idea for a Mystery Topic Challenge where a group of bloggers would all get together to post on the same predetermined topic.

The topic would be chosen only after you’d agreed to participate so it would be a genuine “mystery”, hence the name. Well the powers that be on the site in question decided that we could not hold the contest there, despite the fact that I was actually a volunteer moderator there until recently. So we moved over onto a new site. run by a fellow former moderator, Jayne. For those who don’t know, I love Jayne. She’s fabulous.

Anyway, this new site was originally called by the rather dour, but functional, name of “MTC forums”. This simply wouldn’t do, it didn’t have a ring to it, a “brand value” as marketers are so fond of saying. So, after using a poll to see what members wanted (because this new forum is all about community; every member is valued), we settled on the name of Blog Ninjas. Such an incredibly cool name I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you want to know more about the MTC click HERE and if you want to take part the signup thread is HERE. You don’t have to actually sign up to the forums to take part in the challenge so feel free to do a “trial run” and see how you like it. Then again, who wouldn’t want to be a Blog Ninja? Right? RIGHT?! Ve haf vays ov making you a Ninja.

Not really but please sign up. Jayne offered me sexual favours in return for signups…



8 responses

10 01 2008
Jayne d'Arcy

I what?!?

Thank gods my husband didn’t vote for you.

10 01 2008
Mr President

What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him…

10 01 2008

I am tempted to sign up, but must forgo any posting commitments until my site fixes itself. And hell, I’ll perform sexual favours for someone to get it running again.

10 01 2008
Mr President

Well even if you can’t do the MTC, sign up to the forums.

If you do I’ll give you sexual favours…

10 01 2008

I don’t know if you and I on the same forums is a good idea. The last time was when I was one of the first Mod’s at the explosively unmentionable site and had the good sense to leave. Then again, life was boring because we weren’t behaving badly anymore.

Ok, fine I will.

Don’t forget the whipped creme…

10 01 2008

Mr P is a little player…sheesh!

10 01 2008
mj taylor

Ahhh, and here I was gearing up to start sending LOTS of singups your way, darn! You know, you’re not suppose to back out on the deal after you were volunteered for it!

I think I trademarked BlogTrickle as their synonym a couple years back. Still seems to fit.

All the best,



M.J. Taylor
from Reason to Freedom,” a ibertarian magazine promoting thinking for oneself, thus helping to create a free, benevolent society.

10 01 2008
Mr President

Good girl Bio. Don’t worry, I won’t forget the whipped cream, I still remember what you like…I’ve even got a French tickler for round 2.

SomeGo: Don’t be jealous, there’s plenty of me to go around. You’re still my favourite. Although the mental image of you and Bio…

MJ: BlogTrickle…heh. Perfect. I didn’t back out of the deal! Jayne didn’t say anything about exclusivity. I’m sure SomeGo and Bio won’t mind.

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