Textual Relations in 2008

7 01 2008

Hello and welcome to the official start of 2008. The year cannot be said to have truly begun until you have had your daily dose of Textual Relations. You may all cease the weeping, wailing and renting of garments that has accompanied my brief absence from the blogosphere. I hope the holidays were as good for you and your family as they were for me and mine.

But wait! The good news does not end there. Not only is Textual Relations back to providing you with the quality blogging you have come to expect but we at Textual Relations HQ (that’s me and my white cat, Blofeld) have spent the holidays pouring over ways to improve. How can we improve on the sheer perfection that you’ve enjoyed over the past few months? It’s amazing but somehow we’ve managed it.

To begin with the daily goodness will be delivered that little bit earlier. The old posting time was rather good for collecting together the day’s news stories and things that had entered the great mind of your leader, Mr President, but was far too late for what I’d initially envisioned this blog as being. Whilst a late time is perfect for a news roundup blog or something that makes good evening reading, it’s not ideal for something intended to be read over your morning coffee. Not least of all because it’s not morning.

The new posting time will be a morning event. From what I gather most of my readers reside in North America (correct me if I’m wrong by dropping me a comment or email) so an early morning post by me in GMT terms will still be likely to be read as a morning read by most of them. Of course there will be those on the West Coast who may end up being awake when the post finally makes its way up but that’s life.

One of the many popular aspects of this blog has been the Wiki-Wednesday. Unfortunately in the past when other things have pressed onto my attention on a Wednesday I’ve forgotten what day of the week it is. As a way to try and avoid this I shall be scheduling Wiki-Wednesdays in advance, still following the same formula but making sure it happens every week. The other popular theme day, Submission Sunday, fell by the wayside and this is something I hope to address so watch this space.

Theme days are not only very popular but give a “general interest” blog, which is by its nature ephemeral, a bit more structure so I’m looking into introducing more theme days as the year goes on. If you’d like to request a specific type of theme day, or have ideas, feel free to get in touch and recommend them. Any theme days would be rolled out individually to see how popular they are. My ultimate goal would be seven theme days.

In addition to looking to evolve the content aspect I’m also looking into more superficial changes to the look and feel. A complete design overhaul is planned because at the moment the template is a bit of a mishmash of assorted things. Whilst very eclectic I’m not sure it lends itself to a “unified” look. Unfortunately I haven’t got anything concrete done yet so I’m unable to give you any sort of time frame.

Finally I’m giving serious thought to moving onto a self-hosted WordPress account. Unfortunately at the moment the blog doesn’t have any source of income. I’m not even sure if WordPress.com allows any sort of monetization of blogs so that’s something I’d need to look into before I made any decision. If any of you have any ideas or suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch via comments or email.

Please note any ideas or suggestions will be passed off as my own genius at work.



5 responses

7 01 2008

Glad you’re back! Looking forward to your changes. Time away from blogging does seem to make people think, it appears. wp.com does not allow any monetization, you’d have to go .org for that!

8 01 2008

“Please note any ideas or suggestions will be passed off as my own genius at work.”

There’s nothing that says you’re back than that line right there πŸ˜‰

I look forward to your changes; change is good, but it’s nice that some of the classic elements will remain or be enhanced; good luck! πŸ™‚

8 01 2008
Mr President

I’m glad I’m back too Somego! Did you miss me? I bet you were thinking of me all through the holidays. Don’t deny your feelings!

Time away does tend to allow for reflection and I agree with Romi, change is good. In particular so long as you don’t change too much too fast. I can’t say I’m surprised about WP.com not allowing for monetization. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Romi darling I thought that line was a typical Presidentialism too. Yes, don’t worry, I have no desire to change things that are working well, and certainly your old pal Mr President hasn’t gone soft over the holidays. I’m still hard where it counts πŸ˜‰

8 01 2008

you’re still “hard where it counts”??? Hahaha….that’s good to know πŸ™‚ , now excuse me while I go have a shower (LOL)….

8 01 2008
Mr President

I meant in my heart…you filthy minded minx.

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