Happy Holidays

16 12 2007

The series “Children Hate Santa” was designed as an appropriate way to wind this blog down for the holidays. Being the loving family guy I am the idea of neglecting spending time with them in order to write for a bunch of reprobates on the internet seems like one I wish to distance myself from. Oh who am I kidding? I’ll no doubt be far too drunk to write anything remotely coherent.

Whilst I appreciate many of you will be devastated, weeping into your festive drinks, understand that your favourite blogger will still be back in the New Year and might even, if you’re very good, pop back with the odd post. What I mean by a break for the holidays is simply a break from the regular stream of content that has become such a crucial part of your day that you cannot function without it. Be strong people.

Happy holidays from Textual Relations HQ. Normal service will resume in the New Year.



12 responses

17 12 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

If I drank beer, I’d go cry in it. I guess I’ll just have to settle for my Raspberry Crystal Light. Have a most excellent Christmas, Mr. President.

17 12 2007
andy d

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time off. You have deserved it with the incredible posts you have given us this year!

17 12 2007
Mr President

Thank you both. Have a wonderful time over the holidays folks.

18 12 2007

Happy Holidays! And have a good one!

20 12 2007

Happy Holidays Mr. President! I enjoyed those Kids Who Hate Santa pictures much. Thanks for making me laugh as usual.

20 12 2007
Mr President

Thank you both. Glad you liked the pictures Jean.

28 12 2007

quietly awaiting your return..tick tock…tick tock…

PS: “absence makes obsession grow fonder”…LOL…a.k.a. you’ll have to renew the restraining order for 2008! 😉

3 01 2008
Jason Vaughn

It was a great series and a good laugh.


3 01 2008

I finally added a link on HH to you after all this time. I think that alone requires you to return from your drunken stupour brought on by the holidays to satiate my procrastination tactics masked by blog reading.

I do believe you could write coherent paragraphs with veins filled with alcohol diluted by your bloodstream. The subject matter, however, would be entertaining. You could, for example, compose an entire essay on how monkeys fling their poo as a form of protest in regards to the ever increasing cost of bananas.

Then again, if you truly can’t handle your liquor, maybe you just need a little bit of Swede in you. 😉

Happy New Year love!

3 01 2008

Happy New Year.

6 01 2008
Mr President

Romi dearest the restraining order has been renewed. In fact I’ve entered into an agreement with the courthouse clerk to automatically renew it every year until she reads about one of us in the obits.

You, as well as my other loyal readers, will be pleased to hear that Textual Relations will be returning to your screens tomorrow morning.

Glad you enjoyed it Jason. Do come back again soon. Likewise thank you for the best wishes Miladysa.

It took you this long Bio? What excuse do you have for this outrageous omission? What blog is complete without a link to Textual Relations? Truth be told I was never in a “drunken stupor” (more’s the pity) but couldn’t bring myself to leave my family, who are lovely people, to write for you reprobates.

The monkey poo post, whilst it does sound intriguing, would greatly lower the immense intellectual quality that has so far been demonstrated by Mr President. Those who, unlike yourself, cannot see the wider ramifications of monkey fecal matter being flung about, not to mention the price fixing banana cartels causing inflation in the marketplace might go elsewhere.

Despite lacking the Swedish blood I do rather well with my liquor. It’s been a very long time since I was drunk. Besides, I’d much prefer to be in a little bit of Swede, if you catch my meaning.

6 01 2008

oh goody; I just swung by again today and I was wondering 😉

Will see ya tomorrow, DEAREST 😉 ….

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