Children Hate Santa Part IV

14 12 2007

Ok, look, you lot know the drill by now. It’s ten days until Christmas Eve and since I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet (I start today) life’s incredibly hectic. We need to go out and get the tree, new decorations, the food and of course we still have to get presents. So instead of the quality posts you’re used to you’ll have to make do with pictures of kids crying. Don’t forget to vote.




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14 12 2007

I am noticing that as we go down this path, that the quality of the Santas is increasingly creepy.

In the first couple of installments the Santas looked relatively jolly and fairly standardly recognizable as St. Nick. So, for the most part you have to wonder; what is the problem with these kids? How could they be so terrified of our beloved and jolly icon. Except of course, the one where we have the lustful and slatternly mother leering and hunching in delight while her children (we presume) obviously sense that something is not right.

As we go along to “Part Three”, the Santa in the upper left hand (Ziggy Stardust Santa) clearly has more issues than National Geographic and who could blame a child for not wanting to consort with such an obviously troubled soul.

In the above, the Santa on the lower left is incontestably nothing more than a derelict who is trying to make enough cash to buy a bottle of Wild Irish Rose a rock of cocaine and a Bic lighter to light a newspaper fire in a trash can to keep warm by. Who could blame a child that would react this way. The child is only showing good character judgment.

15 12 2007
Mr President

That is a strangely accurate analysis. Perhaps these children are trying to ask their parents “What in the hell possessed you to put me in his lap?!”

As so often happens Mr Pribek your insight sheds light on an otherwise dark and murky world. For that I, and of course my readers, thank you.

29 12 2007

Damn, I have children but these are really funny.

29 12 2007
Mr President

Glad you enjoyed them Michael. Your children won’t judge you. Much.

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