Children Hate Santa Part II

12 12 2007

While on the subject of Christmas don’t forget to vote on the last Mystery Topic Challenge. My entry was a bit rubbish but I’ve won it already so I’m going through second season complacency. Can you tell I’ve been playing too much Football Manager? Back to the pictures, does anyone else think the mother in the bottom left one has a Santa fantasy? I bet he’ll give her one. A gift, I mean.




3 responses

13 12 2007

I am not sure how these men could even want to be Santa. I couldn’t imagine having a bunch of strange kids on my lap. Some with snotty faces and the screaming, OMG, I would want to hang myself!

13 12 2007
Mr President

Exactly. Why would any sane man want to have a bunch of strange kids on their lap? It’s that sort of thinking that’s lead me to the only logical conclusion. All men who dress up as Santa are paedophiles.

11 01 2012
Energy Monitoring Devices

Not playing the waiting game…

I prize your contributions….

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