Pick Your Poison

10 12 2007

The Christmas Ninja presents The Mystery Challenge #5! The topic was proposed by Scott of Scott-O-Rama, the winner of MTC #4. Below you will find all the entries for this challenge. Please visit and read them all. Once you’ve read all the entries, please vote for your favorite. Members of the forum may vote in the poll HERE. Guests can place their vote in this thread HERE. Voting concludes on Dec. 16th.

Read – Robby Rational: Holiday Traditions
Read – Peter Namtvedt: What are your favorite holiday traditions and why?
Read – Uninhabited Man: Mystery Topic Challenge #5: What are your favorite holiday traditions and why?

Read – Jester: The Christmas Colonic
Read – Leaf Probably: Mystery Topic Challenge #5
Read – Jayne d’Arcy: Holiday Traditions – MTC #5

Read – Zybron: That Holiday Spirit
Read – BunGirl: MTC #5: Christmas Traditions
Read – Some Go Softly: Traditions Are Our History

Read – ShadyLady: MTC#5
Read – Mr President: The Christmas Ninja
Read – Seaguy8: Mystery Topic Challenge: Favourite Holiday Traditions
Read – Geekgrl64: Mystery Topic 5 – What are your favorite holiday traditions and why?



3 responses

10 12 2007

I’ll vote for you if you vote for me…oh, I already voted. “Christmas Colonic” is my new favorite saying. 🙂

12 12 2007
Children Hate Santa Part II « Textual Relations

[…] Hate Santa Part II 12 12 2007 While on the subject of Christmas don’t forget to vote on the last Mystery Topic Challenge. My entry was a bit rubbish but I’ve won it already so […]

14 12 2007
Children Hate Santa Part IV « Textual Relations

[…] Children Hate Santa Part IV 14 12 2007 Ok, look, you lot know the drill by now. It’s ten days until Christmas Eve and since I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet (I start today) life’s incredibly hectic. We need to go out and get the tree, new decorations, the food and of course we still have to get presents. So instead of the quality posts you’re used to you’ll have to make do with pictures of kids crying. Don’t forget to vote. […]

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