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8 12 2007

Recently I’ve found myself increasingly inspired by Andy at Political Friends. Yet another example of this would be his “Quick Notes“. Like Andy I tend to take one topic and write a lengthier post about (except for the more light-hearted Random Roundup) but I’ve decided that perhaps I should use that approach more occasionally. Instead smaller sound bites might be more easily digestible, not least of all because I post on a daily basis. Can’t overwhelm your feeble minds, can we?

This article highlights the problem I have with mainstream reporting of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Were you to see the headline (as I did as I was perusing NewsNow) you would most likely think that the figure of 12 dead related to US or British soldiers, or perhaps civilians. I doubt many would have naturally jumped to the conclusion that it was enemy combatants and yet that’s what it was.

Why do our media report things in such a misleading fashion? Of course you could find out the truth by delving deeper into the story and realise that actually there’s no news in it whatsoever. Surely the very point of fighting a war is to kill enemy combatants.

Where’s the news in that? If there is a story it is that a Taliban stronghold has fallen to Afghan and foreign troops but not only is that hardly that important in the big scheme of the war, it’s not even hinted at by that appalling headline. Terrible reporting.

Christmas is all about the children so a story like this is made even more tragic by the time of year. Of course it’s always tragic when a child dies young but when they die because they’re celebrating Christmas it’s even more so. Considering that the man driving the truck is the cousin of the young boy who died you have to think that tensions will be particularly strained for that family over the holiday season.

Speaking of families and tragedy during the festive period, the parents of still missing Madeleine McCann hope to be cleared of any part in her abduction in time for Christmas. Of course I suspect what they really wish for this Christmas is that their little girl be found safe and sound (although one doubts she’s still alive) and returned to them. Whilst nobody believes they were right to leave her unattended (I’m sure they regret that every day) to say they deserve it is disgraceful.

Those statements show the desperation of Murat’s lawyer who has seen his client’s alibi shattered. With the DNA evidence against the McCann’s being inconclusive and even called “amateurish” every witness coming out contradicting Murat’s alibi is a serious blow to his case. Hopefully now the police will investigate him more fully.

And that’s your lot. Tune in tomorrow for a little festive cheer with the latest MTC.



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