Mad World

1 12 2007

Now that NaBloPoMo is over many lesser bloggers out there in the blogosphere will be returning to irregular updates, but not this one. Oh no, Textual Relations is all about the readers, rather than just being a vehicle for the blogger’s ego. My incredible humility demands that I continue with the daily updates for you, my people. I realise how many of you deify me.

In a spectacular example of life imitating art a Mafia boss was arrested in Sicily whilst watching television. What was he watching? A fact-based TV mini-series detailing the arrest of Mafia boss! Perhaps this was his way of auditioning for Italy’s Dumbest Criminals? I hope it wasn’t an attempt to evade capture by conducting research.

We’re constantly told that hard work never killed anybody but a court in Japan has ruled otherwise. A Toyota employee died from an irregular heartbeat after logging in 106 hours of overtime. Although there doesn’t seem to be much information as to his regular working hours the fact he collapsed at 4am suggests they were long.

Inflation, it seems, affects everything. Not content with rising food and oil prices it seems now even taking a trip to the lavatory has become a victim. The traditional “spend a penny” has now become “spend 25 pennies”, and that’s just to find the loo! SatLav is scheme by Westminster council where you to text “toilet” and they text you back the location of the nearest public toilet. At least the streets won’t smell of urine.

One of the many criticisms I throw at politicians is that they always look for the “easy” solution which invariably fails to address the problem they intended to. In fact, in many cases, their answer to the problem only makes matters worse. Such is the case with a scheme in Belgium requiring parents queue up all night to enrol their children in the best schools. Although designed to help poorer students it will actually be of even greater assistance to those whose parents don’t work or can afford to take time off.

Finally the staunchly Roman Catholic country of Chile is in uproar over a prostitute’s pledge to auction off 27 hours of her “services” for charity. Although adult prostitution is legal in Chile (I wonder quite why Reuters felt the need to put the word “adult” in there. Are there countries where child prostitution is legal?) Maria Carolina (surely not her real name?) is being criticised for donating the proceeds of her work to charity. Whatever your feelings you can’t deny that $4,000 for 27 hours goes to prove that sex sells.



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