It’s Over

30 11 2007

Today marks the end of NaBloPoMo and I gave a great deal of thought to how I’d like to end the month. When I signed up I wondered if there would really be anything in it for me, especially as I post every day as it is (I see my blog as something to read over your morning coffee every day) and yet it really has given me quite a lot back for putting forward little effort beyond the usual.

Not least of these was the one benefit I thought I might possibly derive from taking part in a contest run by bloggers for bloggers. I did not expect to gain a massive amount of new readers, after all, I suspect my genius will only be appreciated fully once I’ve departed from this mortal coil and people realise that I’m a visionary and an space cowboy rolled into one. You people are simply too stupid to appreciate me.

Yet I decided if I gained but one new reader it would be worth taking part, after all, what exactly did it cost me? I know for certain the lovely Stella does pop by and read the odd post, and I’m incredibly grateful for even that. However I definitely picked up a comment from diamondssapphire and The Mayor both of whom I hope enjoyed their visit(s) here. If you’re another new reader who happened by me thanks to the Randomizer, even if you hate the blog (after all, that only goes to show you lack taste), drop a comment under this post. Even if it’s just to say I suck (you’re wrong).

NaBloPoMo has not only given me readership it’s also given me reading material. I’ve discovered several new blogs thanks to it and it’s practically impossible to keep up with my Google Reader these days (290 unread posts as I type this). Far be it for me to complain, though, I’m always looking for interesting reading material. I’m still looking. If you’ve been good this year perhaps you should ask Santa for a spot on my blogroll?

Although I’m blogging this from the WordPress website because old habits die hard (usually after being beaten, shot and drowned, also known as the Camp X-Ray approach) The Mayor has also introduced me to Flock and so far I’m finding it a rather nice browser. Whether I continue to use it or not remains to be seen but it’s certainly one I feel I could recommend to others. Not only that but he’s given me someone else to follow on Twitter (and we all know how obsessed I am with Twitter).

From the outset I have also been under a self-issued challenge. As a result of SomeGo somewhat misunderstanding my musings on whether my blog posts for NaBloPoMo would come close to NaNoWriMo’s wordcount of 50,000 a new twist on the familiar concepts of both was launched. Over the course of the month I’ve gone from not even considering the word count when making posts to actually letting it dictate. The challenge has been like a Stalin to my Russia (only without the hot tennis players and excellent vodka) or Hitler to my Germany (minus Heidi Klum and sauerkraut).

As a result of this, however, I considered a two-part special on Twitter and I’m thankful (to myself almighty) I did because when I look back on those two posts (and the trifecta) I consider them to be some of the best writing I’ve done. When you factor in how brilliant my writing is on average that means quite a lot, whereas for most of you your “best writing” just means it wasn’t scrawled in crayon. Years from now they will study those three posts as the three greatest works of literature of the 21st century.

Most of you were probably far too intimidated by their greatness to even venture to read them but I suggest you might want to try now (if your head begins to hurt that’s just your brain creaking into gear). Despite your clear lack of appreciation for my amazing insight into Twitter I was actually going to post another review of Twitter clients for Windows today, despite the fact my last review was not that long ago.

This was in large part to try and meet the word count challenge (or rather the updated challenge). In the end I decided that quality must never be slave to quantity. So what if it’s just under 25,000 words rather than just over? To write that much in 30 days of blog posts (rather than a free-flowing novel) is actually a testament to my immense greatness. There’s no room for flowery prose or boredom-inducing paragraphs on a blog. Unless you’re Romi but I sadly lack her intense raw sexual magnetism.

Where a novel provides the odd bit of respite from the need to remain fresh (that’s why editors get paid so much to edit books down to the most interesting elements) on a blog there’s no hiding place. Not least of all a blog that is not niche, one that seeks to do the impossible and cater for everyone (and their dog, but not their cats. We have to draw the line somewhere). I’m proud of myself and that’s all that counts because why would I allow myself to be judged by lesser mortals like you cretinous slobs?

For those of you who follow these things my final count was 24, 761 words.



7 responses

1 12 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

If you’re great, so am I since I made it 30 days. Of course, I have no idea what my word count is. I’d guess it’s under 15,000.

1 12 2007

Yea, I’d have to say I gunned for the wordcount but after blogging 300% more than I normally do, about topics I usually don’t write about, I went back to being myself, on a more daily basis 🙂

I’d be curious to see what my word count is for the month of November ….


1 12 2007

Thank you for the mention! Actually, you’re on my Google reader, so I read all your posts, I am just too lazy to comment on most. I do think about them though.

I need to work on becoming pithy and concise in my comments.

1 12 2007
Mr President

Don’t worry about that Stella, my comments are hardly succinct. You are on my Google Reader currently too. To Jayne and everyone who made it through the month of NaBloPoMo: Congrats. You’re great. Just not as great as me.

Except The Mayor. He’s almost as great as me. Not only did he try and gun for the wordcount but he’s The Mayor. No President but it’s a start.

2 12 2007

Hahaha..”boredom-inducing” paragraphs, true enough; i only write posts under a thousand words now (a few weeks and counting)..this is quite the accomplishment for a rambler like me, but old habits die hard (i mean even in this small paragraph I managed to ramble 😉 )…well at least I saved myself with “raw sexual magnetism”….well…until you read my “embarrassing” post anyway 😉

9 12 2007

1. What did I misunderstand?
2. I also will be more famous when I’m dead.
3. We should be buried somewhere crazy together so that when we are famous (and dead) people will visit us.
4. Let the contest for grave visitors begin!!

9 12 2007
Mr President

1) Well initially I was only throwing the idea of doing 50,000 words out there, not entirely seriously, but you seemed to think I was so I did it.
2) Not as famous as me. Dead Presidents always eclipse dead authors.
3) That would be as close as I’ll get to laying next to a hot woman too.
4) How cool! Let’s go!

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