It’s Wednesday If I Say It Is

22 11 2007

Well since Kelso deprived you lovely people of your Wiki-Wednesday goodness (I know how you can’t live without your weekly information from the world’s most unreliable source) I thought I’d make today Wednesday. Bad doggy. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that I’ve spent all day fighting with mobile phone providers (when they do a credit check nobody tells you “If you decide not to buy you’ll have to wait three months to do another”) and my computer (well, more specifically WGA which insisted my XP was pirated when I know it’s not. Sorted now though.) and had no time to come up with a post of my own. No, it’s all the cute dog’s fault. Bad bad doggy.

Speaking of the cute dog, remember, if you’re doing any Black Friday shopping through Amazon tomorrow use the affiliate link. Or I’ll send the boys round. Of course in my case they’re not two big strapping brutes of men but rather two tiny eight year olds. Eight year olds are mean. Forget having your arm broken by a thug, one angry word from an eight year old and you’ll be scarred for life. I still wake up in cold sweats sometimes remembering those mean boys. Anyway, here’s your weekly Wiki-(not)Wednesday treat:

Bahamas national football team

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Shirt badge/Association crest

Association Bahamas Football Association
Confederation CONCACAF (North America)
Head coach Gary White
Most caps Lionel Haven
Top scorer Nesley Jean
Home stadium Thomas Robinson Stadium
FIFA ranking 170
Highest FIFA ranking 138 (September 2006)
Lowest FIFA ranking 197 (March 1999)
Elo ranking 206
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
First kit
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Second kit

The Bahamas national football team is the national team of the Bahamas and is controlled by the Bahamas Football Association.

Last and next games

  • Next game: No fixtures announced yet.

World Cup record

Gold Cup record

  • 1991 to 1998Did not enter
  • 2000Did not qualify
  • 2002Withdrew
  • 2003Did not enter
  • 2005Withdrew
  • 2007Did not qualify

Pan American Games record

Current squad

(May, 2007)


Dwayne Whylly
Harvey Mullings
Torin Ferguson


Deron Swayby
Gavin Christie
Mackinson Altidor
Damien Neville
Mark Daniels


Cameron Robert Hepple
Sean Ferguson
Shivargo Rolle
Kamal de Gregory
Trevor McKenzie
Vaughn Bethel
Julian Smith
George Mousis


Damani Horton
Nesley Jean
Theron Davis



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