Meet Kelso

21 11 2007

Today would normally be Wiki-Wednesday and I was all geared up to give you another lesson from the Book of Wiki but that was not to be. A fellow blogger is in distress and as the sort of quasi-superhero that I am I felt obligated (after suitable time spent checking myself out in the mirror) to help. Meet Kelso:


Panthergirl, a blogger I know throughthe BlogNinjas community, rescued him. Recently he’s been having back problems which landed him in the hospital for a week, racking up an astronomical $3,200. With the holiday season upon us that’s a huge burden for Kelso’s family to bear. They’re not asking for donations or anything out of the ordinary, they simply ask that if you’re planning to use to make purchases, particularly with Christmas on the horizon, please do so using her affiliate link HERE (or via the sidebar at her blog). If you’re making the purchases anyway it costs you nothing to use that link instead of going directly but it could mean a lot to Kelso’s family.

PS: In entirely unrelated news today is the last day for voting on the Mystery Topic Challenge over at BlogNinjas. If you have Ninja skills vote here. Guests can vote via this link instead. If you haven’t read all the entries there’s still time. Click Here to read them.



2 responses

22 11 2007

Thank you so much!!! I appreciate this more than you’ll ever know.

22 11 2007
Mr President

Absolutely no need to thank me. I only hope it helps.

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