German Paedophile Does Community Service In A Kindagarten

15 11 2007

Being the diligent sort I am I actually research stories to write when I have nothing I particularly wish to discuss. My usual approach is sift through the news to find something I care enough about, or alternatively find something funny and completely random on Reuters or ABC. I find both news sources have their fair share of funny news stories amongst all that serious stuff.

It was while I was doing the latter (since I’m a bit tired of arguing after the last mystery topic challenge) that I came across this story over on Reuters. My mood immediately changed. That story is not at all funny, but I do very much hope that it’s completely random. I suspect, however, that in truth it’s something that happens a lot, and that’s a grave concern. Court workers are only human and I’d be loathe to apply blame there but it does show that we need more checks in place to cover human error.

Not only were children put at risk but two poor children were abused, and it was all so easily preventable. Some will say that it’s a unique case because the records from East Germany could not be accessed but I can easily see a situation where an overworked court worker simply doesn’t see things in a file. They must deal with hundreds of cases daily. Mistakes will surely happen, which makes me think we shouldn’t simply dismiss this as a one-off, but rather put in place protections to ensure it doesn’t happen again.



One response

16 11 2007

“Court workers are only human”

Correct you are, Mr. President and it is clearly a case of human error. However, i would not hesitate to place blame.

“The colleague didn’t pay attention and didn’t see he had a sexual conviction, so she allowed him to serve in a kindergarten,” Retemeyer said. “She didn’t read the file.”

Over here, records of convicted sexual predators are open to the public. I recently went to the local highway patrol website, typed in my address, and found that there are seven convicted sex offenders living within a five mile radius.

Now, when I tell people that fact and urge them to do the same type of simple research to find out who live among, for the most part, it makes people uncomfortable and they are resistant to know the facts.

The fact is that there are a lot more of these offenders around than any of us would like to believe. Denial, I guess you could say and that is human nature.

I don’t know what the freedom of information status is in Germany. So, I can only speak of cases in the States and there have been some recent, highly publicized and tragic cases in which convicted child sex offenders were somehow allowed to strike again. It always seems that there is a judge or case worker that overlooked a file. It always seems that neighbors are unaware that a predator lives in their midst.

Human error and human nature.

How do you stop human error?

How do you change human nature?

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