Blog Ninjas Present

14 11 2007

What’s that behind you? Did you see something? I think it was black…could it be the BlogNinjas? They are the crazy internet group behind the MTC. The members rock the blogosphere in varying degrees, and can sneak up behind you in a moments notice.You can join the clandestine group after undergoing a severe and heavily scrutinized Blog Ninja review that verifies your actual existence and BN worthiness (basically, we read your blog). Post an entry, vote, maybe win, and you may be selecting the next topic. It’s like a blog party.

Click here to join.

Blog Ninjas present The Mystery Challenge #4! The topic was proposed by Mr. President of Textual Relations, the winner of MTC #3. Below you will find all the entries for this challenge. Please visit and read them all. Once you’ve read all the entries, please vote for your favorite. Members of the forum may vote in the poll HERE. Guests can place their vote in this thread HERE. Voting concludes on Nov. 22nd.

Leaf – Read More
Scott – Read More
BunGirl – Read More
Grumpamoose – Read More

from Reason to Freedom (4 entries)
Peter Namtvedt – Read More
Bob Bachus – Read More
Michelle L. – Read More
MJ Taylor – Read More

Jayne – Read More
Zybron – Read More
lonelygurl – Read More
TooBIG – Read More
An Honest Woman – Read More
Stepford Mom – Read More
ShadyLady – Read More
Some Go Softly – Read More
Debaloo – Read More
Jan – Read More



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21 11 2007
Meet Kelso « Textual Relations

[…] can vote via this link instead. If you haven’t read all the entries there’s still time. Click Here to read […]

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