Absolute Power

13 11 2007

Remember how, during the first two Mystery Topic Challenges, I was “defeated” by blogs spewed out by the minds (well, fingers really, since minds don’t type blogs out, although it would be really cool if they did…but I digress) of lesser mortals? Well, after two whole challenges, the voters of the last Mystery Topic Challenge finally recognised my greatness with victory.

Using my expert kidnapping persuasion skills I finally got the world wide recognition and was rewarded with the omnipotence I deserve. Wait, what? Sorry folks, the voices are talking to me, you’ll have to excuse me. What do you mean I didn’t get world wide recognition and omnipotence. What did I get then? The right to choose the next topic? What kind of lame cra-please forgive me, it seems there was a minor misunderstanding about my prize. While I kill the judges clear that up, why don’t I tell you about the topic I chose for this week’s challenge? It’s a good one, as you’d expect, since I chose it.

If you were President/Prime Minister for a day, with the power to do absolutely anything (Supreme Court? What Supreme Court?), what would you do and why?

I was initially going to leave it at just “President” but then decided some smartarse (probably me in a schizophrenic moment) would point out that they don’t have Presidents in their country. Of course the whole idea that this is fantasy seems to elude some people. Well, these are the same people who seem to think that running a Mystery Topic Challenge makes them ninjas so clearly they suffer from delusions and hallucinations. You’ve really got to take pity on admire them for showing the strength it takes to overcome being retarded their difficulties. I know I do…every day.

So how did I come up with this topic I hear you ask? If, in fact, you’re not asking that, you should be ashamed of yourself. Go do something useful. Like shoot yourself. Anyone still here? No? Oh. Well, that’s hardly surprising, if you were intelligent you wouldn’t be reading the garbage I write. Moving on, I found it quite difficult coming up with a topic, actually. The key with these things is to try and appeal to a broad base and allow different types of blogger to put their own unique spin on it. Equally it should be something “timeless”, rather than tied into current affairs, that way it’s the sort of thing that none of the contestants might normally write (it wouldn’t be a challenge then).

Then it hit me. I saw my name on the screen and immediately remembered how everyone secretly wants to be me. So I asked them what they would do if they were me for a day. Excuse me folks, it’s the voices again. What do you mean that’s not what I asked? I’m not the President?! Alert the media, this is an outrage! It seems that in a typing error instead of asking what they would do if they were Mr President but rather what they would do if they were the President, the current one being some bloke by the name of Shrub. Not as interesting as the topic I had in mind but we’re stuck with it.

I’ve read some of the responses and I have to say they’re pretty good. There’s the expected “power trip” responses where people have a little fun with the idea of total power (which was something I had in mind when I came up with the topic) but also some pretty political ones (which I wasn’t expecting as many of).

That’s probably what’s surprised me most, how many non-political bloggers decided to write about the topic in a political manner. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I think it’s great that people have views on political matters and can express them. One response that did surprise me was one that actually criticised the concept of being President with no checks (such as the Supreme Court). It was a pleasant surprise, and an excellent read. The links will be put up tomorrow.

As I came up with the topic I thought it unfair for me to come up with an entry. Even if my entry were not eligible to win it may still affect the voting (eg if I chose a “political” approach then people may think non-political approaches were “wrong”). However not being one to completely shirk the workload I will say that part of my response would have revolved around the wording (I am a lawyer after all).

When writing the topic I gave serious thought to a stipulation against making yourself President for life. Eventually I decided it would be interesting to see if anyone decided to simply do away with the Constitution. After all, the power is absolute. Nothing in the question prevented our fantasy Presidents from abolishing the constitution and setting up a fascist dictatorship. It was quite interesting that although some people did come close, I’ve yet to read a response that went the whole way. The idealists out there may view that as a victory for democracy. My response would probably have begun with that premise, because I’m better than everyone else. Yes, even you.



6 responses

13 11 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

In addition to having won the last challenge I do believe you also have the distinction of SO FAR having the most entrants for your topic.

14 11 2007
Mr President

It looks that way, although in a rare moment of modesty I would like to think that part of that is simply the growing membership on the forums. The one person I was surprised not to see enter was Andy, as it sounds like his sort of topic, but I guess he must have been busy.

15 11 2007

I don’t “secretly” want to be you, it’s pretty much out in the open 😉

15 11 2007

I loved it and all, how you made people think, but I have to admit I didn’t read anything that was too serious and long. Zzzzz. And I’m going to go vote anyway! What power! Don’t tell anyone I told you, okay? 😉

15 11 2007
Mr President

Your secret’s safe with me SomeGo. I always like it when pretty women owe me favours. Hmm…whatever will I ask for in return?

Romi: You’re the exception that proves the rule. It’s that sort of honesty that makes you almost as good as me. Don’t get too excited, I said “almost”.

25 05 2011

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