Boxed In

9 11 2007

Inspired by one of new favourite bloggers, Zybron, I decided to check out last week. I’ve had my box since Monday but due to having other content to post in the meanwhile I wasn’t able to make a post mentioning the scheme sooner. The mastermind behind the site is 22 year-old Norwegian student Marius Akselsen whose own box describes his vision:

A box; an item in which things are stored.

When you own a box on it will contain what you want and you alone. A box on provides you with a title, text and links to your website. is a new take on advertising, on here I intend to promote sites I personally like and to offer advertising.

It’s a great idea and provides a new way to advertise your blog or website. In case you hadn’t figured it out yet the concept is a page with a number of boxes (I presume eventually it will be 1000 in number), each containing text and a link to a website. Word don’t do it justice though, the design is stunning and when you click on a coloured box it expands to display all the content. Marius is offering the 100 boxes for free to those who contact him, on a first come first serve basis. There are still a few available so grab them while you can. Eventually, Marius will be selling the boxes for $100 each.

Owners of boxes will beable to resell theirs and in future will be able to directly manage their own box. This could be a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor because if this proves to be a success in the internet advertising sphere it could be very lucrative. A few big companies such as Google already have boxes. Get yours today!



3 responses

10 11 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

It’s fun, at the very least. I got a Box and Jack did too, so we’re set.

10 11 2007

Hrmm that looks interesting. Really like the design – one thing I hated about that million dollar pixel page place. Might have to look into getting a box (though it would have to be a free one).

On another note, you’re Tagged. 🙂

10 11 2007
Mr President

Jayne: Yeah, I noticed you and Jack had yours too. Great concept, isn’t it?

Ben: I just did a quick count and I think there are 29 boxes claimed, including Marius’ own, and that leaves 71 free ones left. If you want one contact Marius here. However when Zybron mentioned it last week only 14 were taken so they’re going fast. Mostly thanks to plugs by Blog Ninjas!

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