Historical Film In Historical Accuracy Shock

3 11 2007

Before I begin I will say that I have not seen Elizabeth: The Golden Age yet. I have high hopes for it, the original film was excellent and I am really looking forward to watching how they depict one of the greatest moments in English history. Elizabeth I was truly an amazing monarch and Cate Blanchett played her so sensationally well in the first, but what I am really curious about is how Clive Owen, an incredibly talented actor who was really superb as King Arthur, depicts the legend, Sir Walter Raleigh, and how Samantha Morton portrays Mary Queen of Scots.

When I read criticism that the film may be anti-Catholic I was even more encouraged to watch it. You know how much I enjoy roasting those Catholics. It’s a pity it was the Protestants that were burned at the stake or that would be an excellent pun. Much like the criticisms that the Passion of the Christ may be anti-Semitic it seems like we’ve become a society that is overly sensitive to matters of religion.

If the Passion is anti-Semitic because it portrays the Jews as responsible for the death of Christ is this not because the Bible says they were? So we’re criticising the film for being accurate to the source material? At a time when we criticise films like 300 for being historically inaccurate, surely if Elizabeth: The Golden Age is anti-Catholic it is because it is historically accurate? The film depicts a time when Protestants were at war with Catholics, written from the perspective of the Protestant side. Bias is to be expected.

Sometimes you wonder if the politically-correct brigade would like to re-write history.



2 responses

4 11 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

We’re an overly sensitive people. This reminds me of the history teacher I had in my last year of high school who was severely criticized by parents for teaching in a Civil War History class that “slaves were classified as property between cattle and tobacco”. This lesson came from the history book approved by those parents from several documents that were cargo listings from slave ships. It wasn’t exactly clear to us, his students, what the parents didn’t like until it was explained to us that the parents believed this teacher was teaching us something he BELIEVED and THOUGHT about black people.

4 11 2007
Mr President

That story confirms that some people really would like to re-write history.

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