Celebrity Fads

29 10 2007

There was a time when celebrities made sex tapes to either boost a flagging career or create one out of nothing (Paris Hilton being the greatest example of that…and I use “greatest” in the loosest possible sense…much like her then). In case you’re interested the guy who made that particular tape is now marrying the original sex tape star Pamela Anderson. Kim Kardashian was still a nobody after her first sex tape so now she has a second. Britney Spears, never slow to take up any opportunity to decimate her public image in the name of fame, allegedly has one too. Eva Longoria doesn’t but it was hilarious to watch people believe it. We wish, eh?

Next came the phase where celebrities instead chose to simply fall off the rails in as catastrophic way as possible in order to reignite their fame. Obviously the most prominent of these would have to be Lindsay Lohan, although Britney Spears was quick to jump onto this bandwagon too. It’s almost as if she decided anything Lindsay could do she could better. Or worse. Maybe Britney’s actions just seem worse because she’s a mother and Lindsay isn’t? Maybe we really need Lindsay to become pregnant to compare? No, that really wouldn’t be good.Even Paris got in on the act and for it Sarah Silverman rightly ripped her a new one. Well, after all the action her old one got…

The new-and-improved way to cling onto your fifteen minutes long after they’re over seems to be the infamous “upskirt” pictures. Once again you can’t keep Britney out of this one either. After popping out two kids it’s not particularly a pleasant sight either. I had, until recently, thought that that may be the scariest incident of this phenomenon I’d ever be unfortunate enough to witness. I was wrong. Britney was at least hot once, even if she is now beginning to devolve back into the trailer park trash from whence she came. However Kelly Osbourne is just hideous. At least Fish had the decency not to post the pictures this time. What we’re all crying out for is Eva Longoria to do one…



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