Imperfect Perfection

16 10 2007

Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of Pribek. I suppose it is the way that he writes about so many varied topics, much as I try and do, and tends to be a bit philosophical. He thinks beyond the obvious and that brings with it fascinating articles. I honestly can’t praise him highly enough. One such post on Saturday really got me thinking. Jack says perfection is boring, and I’d definitely have to agree with him. What I began thinking, though, is whether genuine perfection actually lies in imperfection. Are we seeking the wrong goal?

As I said in my last entry to the Mystery Topic Challenge what makes life worth living is variety. The logical extension of this idea would be that any attempt to homogenise (and the pursuit of perfection is clearly that) actually takes away the very things that make life so great. So, does it stand to reason then that imperfection is perfect? How many of you have ever said to a lover, “You look perfect”? I am certain all of you actually meant it, to you your lover is perfect, because of the many imperfection they have that make them who they are.

It is, thus, imperfection that is truly perfect. Let me know, what do you think?



2 responses

17 10 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

I love imperfections and must agree with you; it is those imperfections that attract and mesmerize us. Neither myself nor my husband can be considered model-type perfect, but in our eyes there is so much more than the physical. My husband has come to terms with his baldness due to the fact that I’ve always adored bald men. Nature is also more fascinating due to its imperfection; as though an artist is always changing the color palette, or the patterns. It’s a wonderful thing.

17 10 2007
Mr President

There is much more than the physical. However in my experience I’d say that when you are in love, your other half is perfect in your eyes, physically too, precisely because of all those tiny “imperfections”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and “perfection” is relative.

Likewise in nature, things like oddly shaped trees can be incredibly beautiful. Animals with odd patterns on their furs or other “imperfections” can be the most adorable things on the planet.The most perfect day is often full of tiny little imperfections. Imperfection is truly beautiful.

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