The Inconvenient Untruths

15 10 2007

Today, as I am sure you’re aware, marks Blog Action Day. Allow me to warn you that if you are reading this expecting a hippie love-in all about the environment you’re going to be sadly disappointed. I have no desire to be part of Blog Action Day, in fact I am intentionally boycotting it. Of course you might say that by even mentioning those three words I’m part of it, which is why I gave serious thought to ignoring the whole thing, blogging about some other topic and pretending the day didn’t exist. As I’m too lazy to think up another topic, I changed my mind.

What gets me about Blog Action day is how insanely transparent it is. Yes, I do know the premise is about “blog power”, and will be an annual event, but surely I cannot be the only one to notice the timing of this fits much too neatly into this move to mobilise young people in support of the Climate Change “Crisis” myth?

On the one hand, it being the first year, the big drive behind this could be simply because it’s a new thing, on the other hand it could be because this year they’re pushing the eco-warrior agenda, and we may see that momentum drop off next year. Or worse yet, be an excuse to push yet more left-wing propoganda.

Despite what some may think, the blogosphere is not just a playground for the far left. There are plenty of reasonable, rational political blogs out there. Maybe one of them will use today to point out to the sheep that the bandwagon that they’ve jumped on only has three wheels. And no brakes.

I, for one, am tired of proving that man-made Global Warming (which I “lovingly” refer to as the Climate Change “Crisis” myth/theory) is still a theory. Those who take it as proven stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the real Inconvenient Truth; Global Warming is a naturally occuring cycle, one that has occured throughout the history of this planet. This is a FACT. Of course it is also a fact that mankind contributes to this. The fact nobody has been able to quantify conclusively how much mankind contributes is what makes it a theory.

Perhaps it’s silly of me to expect facts from a group who were so busy talking up the bogus Nobel Prize for Al Gore, they “conveniently” overlooked the fact that a UK judge ruled on nine (count them) Inconvenient Untruths. Of course this ruling has been criticised by some who also failed to notice a report by a US University study showing record ice cap growth in Antartica this year. Someone had better tell those ice caps that they are supposed to be melting. Oops.



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16 10 2007

I am old enough to remember when we were being warned of the coming ice age. That was back in the 70’s. I expect that warning to resurface in the next ten years. How can I get worried about any of these warnings?

16 10 2007
Mr President

I’m not sure you can, nor should you be, in my view. Either Global Warming is not happening, or of it is, I’m not sure we can do anything to stop it. If it’s a coming ice age we can’t stop that, so why try?

19 10 2007
E r i c F r y

I think you’re having a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to the Blog Action Day. Many people, such as myself, think man-made global warming is a certain amount of manure, but are active in certain environmental causes. I’m a conservative of the Teddy Roosevelt variety; I want our national parks, forests and wildlife refuges preserved and expanded. Why? Because I love the outdoors and wildlife, not because Chicken Little is screaming at me to do something.

I didn’t see anything at the original site that tried to get me to push any sort of agenda; the idea was to post anything about the environment. Any agendas being driven out there were purely from the blog posters themselves, and I’m sure they were already pushing their own agendas.

19 10 2007
Mr President

With all due respect I think that is a naive interpretation. The original site said “the environment” is a topic that’s on everyone’s mind at the moment. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but the only way in which the environment is such a “hot topic” is global warming. I’ve seen no other environmenal topic feature heavily on blogs.

There was no explicit idea that Blog Action Day was about Climate Change but the idea was certainly implied. Of course they knew full well that a few people would writer about other aspects of the environment but equally they knew that the odds were in favour of the posts being weighted in favour of global warming. I’m cynical enough to know that there is always an agenda.

Having said that I’m not particularly bothered by the outdoors and wildlife. I’m an urbanite, the countryside and greenery bores me senseless and I’d gladly trade it all in for steel and glass. The “environment” is in no way a topic worthy of discussion, whether it be “preservation” or climate change.

1 12 2007

Once upon a time:
Ice sheets covered much of the US. How long has this global warming been melting this ice sheet? Of course it was long before mankind was a factor. Oh and the white of the ice sheet refracts light which keeps the earth cooler. The loss of the ice sheets has caused a runaway effect causing global warming to increase year by year. Sounds to easy and silly to come up with theory. Anyway I can’t be very bias on this issue because I build swimming pools.

Global warming = Job growth (for me)

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