Do We Dare To Dream?

14 10 2007

Sport really is the strangest beast. After their 36-0 drubbing at the hands of the Springboks few would have given England a chance in hell of making the final of the Rugby World Cup. In fact the odds of them retaining the trophy were about 250-1 at that stage (actually they were 279-1). And yet, somehow, against all odds, there they stand in the final with a chance of doing just that.

It is as if the challenge of being the first side to ever retain the trophy was not enough, they just had to add the drama of showing how they could sink so low as that mauling against South Africa to defeating both Australia and the hosts France (who had themselves beaten the All Blacks) en route to the final.

Although let us not get carried away, to do so they will still have to defeat the very same foe that inflicted that wound upon them. The manner of their victory over Argentina suggests that South Africa have hunger and purpose. In Bryan Habana they have a man who has now equalled Jona Lomu’s record of eight tries at a World Cup, and he’ll be looking to take the record outright.

The final looks to be an exciting one, and who knows, maybe it is destiny for England again? What more English quality is there than triumph in adversity?



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