Like A Monkey With A Miniature Cymbal

6 10 2007

When I signed up for the Mystery Topic Challenge I’d never expected it, despite the name, to be a challenge. After all, this is me we’re talking about, what could possibly challenge a mind as amazing as the one between these beautiful ears (not a hair in sight)? Well, amazingly enough Romi, a woman of such impeccable taste that she wants to marry me (who can blame her really? Sadly I’m way out of her league), has managed to do just that. The topic she selected (as winner, although I ask myself why I bother to enter a contest where the voters lack the good taste to vote for me, the best) for today’s contest is, “If your life were like Bill Murray’s in Groundhog Day (where he lives one day over and over), which day would you want to re-live forever, and why?”.

For the first time in a long time I found myself lost for words. This was a topic that would require great thought. I could, of course, just churn out the sort of rubbish other bloggers are famous for and that wouldn’t require thought at all, but my audience are a discerning sort (clearly) and have grown accustomed to my literary genius. They expect these high standards to be maintained and I’d be loathe to disappoint. Initially I thought I might just write about how, when you’re as great as I am, every day is fantastic and I could gladly relive any of them. Things like disappointment and pain are for lesser mortals. Whilst that would have actually been true, it would very much have been far too easy.

Greatness like mine demands content that matches it. Engaging my fantastically deep mind it occured to me that what makes life worthwhile is variety. There’s a certain joie de vivre derived solely from the unknown. For all my greatness, even I am not psychic, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and that uncertainty is what makes life the fantastic journey it is. Of course for some people it brings fear, though not I, for I always seek to live by a philosophy of “carpe diem”. The words of James Dean are a fine motto; “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today”. That, in my view, is the only true way to attain real happiness.

Many say they’re happy but few are genuinely so, most labour under some false idea of happiness, happiness that comes with wealth or popularity. Happiness in its purest form comes from the uncertainty of what the future holds. It’s in those little unexpected things that we find true joy, and a reason for this existence we call life, for the good, the bad, and the ugly. That, I suppose, is the message the film was trying to portray, that for all those times we wish we could go back and do things again, if we were truly able to, it would take away what makes life so precious to begin with. Of course it helped that the premise was also funny.

It’s like jokes, even the best get old if they get overused, and could you imagine living the same old “funny” moment over and over again until it went from being funny to “God I want to claw my eyeballs out and drive a rusty spike through my genital area”? Like today, when I had one of those “classic” comedy moments. I turned on the car radio to be greeted with “wear a condom”. Of the many words I could possibly have heard first, those three (and only those three, it is the end of an advisory for safe sex) were the ones. It was funny, and spontaneous, and I laughed, but I imagine it would have been incredibly unfunny the 101st time.

So in answer the question itself, I would honestly say I would not want to relive any day forever . Not even if my very life depended on it. The torture of living the same day in perpetuity is a fate worse than even death. It would be tantamount to an “un-life”, because it would lack the ingredients that make life what it is. It would be easy to just pick a day that you were “happy”, but I don’t believe one can truly appreciate happiness without that bitter taste of sadness. A day with one but not the other is actually neither because there is no point of reference.

If you said the lives of my friends and family were on the line I’d say let them die. In fact can they die anyway? Please? Aww, come on, it might be fun!

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15 responses

7 10 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

Wow!! You really do know how to write. Sarcasm aside, I think you hit the nail on the head. I think Romi should definately marry you now.

7 10 2007

I had to leave out the part where I’d try to mess with people around me, sounds like you did too 🙂

7 10 2007
Mr President

Me?! Mess with other people? Never!

Jayne, I’m sure Romi will be pleased to know you approve of her overwhelming love for me. Not that I can blame her…

7 10 2007

Okay, I’m jealous. 😉

7 10 2007
Mr President

There’s plenty of me to go around…

7 10 2007
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7 10 2007

Haha, It seems that my marriage proposal made in haste is gonna haunt me forever…haha…amazing post by the way, glad I made you think 😉 …time to go read the others…

7 10 2007
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8 10 2007
andy d

Good post. I envy your writing skills. Though I am worried I may make your head a little bigger saying that, you still deserve the compliment.

8 10 2007
Mr President

Thank you. I’m not sure my head can get any bigger though…

9 10 2007

It is 1;25 am EST. Well, I will never get to sleep now after reading your post and laughing. I need to get a tissue . . . thanks.

9 10 2007
Mr President

I try and entertain. Not everyone gets the sarcasm, sadly.

16 10 2007
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