Disposable People

29 09 2007

After reading this I can’t help wondering if that’s what we are these days. Is 24 really not young enough to be considered “young”? If that is true I have a lot to worry about. Do we now live in an era where, if you’re born after 1986 you are a has-been who belongs in the bin? I’m actually not going to launch into a big rant about this one (shocking I know) but it’s a question I thought was worth posing. Are we becoming a society of “disposable” people, complete with sell-by-date?



3 responses

30 09 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

Rather a pity. That means I’ve been in the bin for about 25 years. That model is very beautiful and I think it’s because she DOESN’T look like a young air-head.

30 09 2007

Frighteningly, I suspect the answer to some degree is yes, or at least the physical beauty is everything crowd would have us believe so.

30 09 2007
Mr President

I think she’s rather stunning Jayne. To me it makes no difference if she’s 24 or 21. Clearly it does make a difference to the “physical beauty is everything” crowd as Archaezoo pointed out. Sadly I share Archaezoo’s fear that this is becoming all too common in society as a whole.

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