Culture Clash Or Backwards Bollywood?

27 09 2007

If India wants to be considered a true economic heavyweight then it is going to have to get rid of its archaic moral code. When the original story broke over the kiss I remember there being an uproar in Indian society and it was all over the news. That didn’t particularly surprise me, when we have “controversial” things that offend people’s sensibilities (like “upskirt” pictures where famous celebrity women are caught without underwear), it tends to create uproar amongst the more conservative members of society, and often will be all over the news.

Admittedly, getting that worked up over a kiss may be more puritanical than our attitudes in the west (where a nipple slip is, at worst, a topic of comic value and at best incredibly welcome by us male members of society) but one expects that.

Different cultures are different (seems obvious enough) but when it starts to impact on laws, to the extent where someone can be arrested for something like a kiss, then that’s beyond culture. If that weren’t the case, then dictators could justify their acts on account of “culture”. That surely cannot be true.



4 responses

28 09 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

I think this is terrible what she’s been put through, but I still think Gere was downright assinine stupid for pulling such a stunt. And all he’s done so far is apologize? sheesh!

28 09 2007
Mr President

Gere completely failed to understand the Indian culture and how this would be viewed. His ignorance deserves more than an apology.

28 09 2007

I remember hearing about this a while back; so she ACTUALLY got arrested? And then what?

28 09 2007
Mr President

Last I heard she was interrogated at length at the airport and released (on bail I think) pending further investigation.

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