Wiki-Wednesday – Broomhouse Tunnel

26 09 2007

Broomhouse Tunnel

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Broomhouse Tunnel was built on the Midland Main Line between Chesterfield and Sheffield in 1870 when the Midland Railway built what is known to railwaymen as the “New Road” diverting from the “Old Road” built by the North Midland Railway which bypassed Sheffield due to the gradients involved.The line diverged just north of Chesterfield at Tapton Junction with a steady three and a half mile climb at 1 in 100, through Sheepbridge and Unstone stations, before a short drop into Dronfield.

Sheepbridge, known for some of its life as “Sheepbridge and Whittington Moor”, closed in 1967. Unston, or Unstone, became an unstaffed halt in 1951, finally closing in 1961.

Broomhouse Tunnel passed through a narrow ridge a mile past Sheepbridge, being only 92 yards long. It was opened out in 1969.



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