Our Troops Deserve More

21 09 2007

The way we treat our military in this country is a disgrace. For all the outrage in the press every time a British soldier is killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, there is so little press coverage to commend those putting their lives on the line. Truth be told I have never much believed that those stories about dead British soldiers are about sadness for the soldiers and their families, but rather a way for the press to push their anti-war propoganda machine ever onwards.

That is why I think this is a great idea. It is amazing when you look at how most Americans, even those who vehemently oppose the war in Iraq, still honour the soldiers, still support the troops, even if they may not support the wars waged in their name. Out there, the sacrifice being made by troops is recognised, but we do not seem to be able to seperate the war from the warriors.

Whatever you may personally feel about the wars these men and women fight in, they are still risking their lives for their country, something I wonder if many of those who malign them would do themselves.



2 responses

23 09 2007
andy d

Being one of those Americans…

I don’t think we have enough parades for our servicemen. I have been in airports a few times with troops coming and going. I try to say thank you to them, and have bought a coke for a few of them. I try to teach my daughter that these men and women are sacrificing a lot for us. I hope she grows to respect the military.

23 09 2007
Mr President

I’m not sure we can ever have enough parades for those who make such sacrifices for us. There really isn’t enough times we can possible say thank you and I, like you, always make an effort when I know someone has served this country, to thank them for it. I’m sure your daughter will grow up with the same respect for these men and women as her father.

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