You Lot Scare Me

18 09 2007

Every so often I like to look at what search terms are used to find this page, and every time I do so, I get even more perturbed by the surreal searches by those real freaks out there on the Internet. You would be amazed at how many hits I get from people searching for “Listerine” (it is probably the most common term used to find this page), although the number of searches relating to Muse, and particularly song meanings for their songs (Invincible seems to be the main one) would probably not surprise you at all. Fortunately enough I’ve been getting hits from people who’ve found what they are looking for (I hope) because they have been looking for news on the Danish school striptease story which I covered a few months ago, or for quizzes which I’ve featured (including the Sin City one, which seems the most popular of the many I’ve posted).

Where I get concerned is by the number of searches for 16 year old porn, 16 year old nudes etc. Hopefully these searches are originating in places where that is the legal age of consent because I would hate to think I was gaining a reputation as a repository for child pornography. I am very picky about who I’ll share my stash with and certainly would not be posting any of the juicy stuff up on here (though I will take requests by email). Actually, I do not like sharing, so if you like that sort of stuff too, get your own! That, though, is probably not the most freaky search term used to find this site. One person located this site by Googling “I would join the Nazi’s”. It really is a scary place out there.



3 responses

19 09 2007

Having got a hit from “Are there many cats in Ireland” I know exactly what you mean…mind you I’m currently top of the list if you Google “successful Irish female author” which is kind of cool (though the post they’re linking too is actually a rant against chick lit)…wouldn’t life be dull without Google!

21 09 2007
Andy D

I feel left out. I haven’t gotten any fun searches from Google yet. Although, every now and then I get a hit from someone in Syria. With the amount of criticism I lump on the Middle East, the Syria hits worry me….

21 09 2007
Mr President

Yeah, some life insurance may not go astray Andy!

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