Not Today

11 09 2007

Normally, I would make some wise-crack play on words in the title and write a bitter rant or controversial and offensive article, it’s what I do, but today marks the 6th anniversary of 9/11 and as someone who actually went to Ground Zero in 2003, the magnitude of the feelings that I experienced make it impossible for me to denegrate this day in any way. Of course it does help that this coincides with a patch of writer’s block. Sorry, I couldn’t resist at least one joke.



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12 09 2007
jayne d'Arcy

I didn’t put up anything other than a silly poster. I honestly don’t know how to deal with this day because it opens too many doors to what I was feeling as I watched things play out on tv. I didn’t lose anyone in the buildings, the pentagon, or the planes. Six years later, though, it still shakes me up.

12 09 2007
Mr President

Yeah, I watched it unfold on TV too. Was home from University, making my lunch, was just about to head upstairs for a shower and it went to turn the TV off just as the news broke.

I still remember watching the first plane and thinking it was just an accident, and then watching the second in utter shock wondering to myself, in all seriousness, if this was the end of the world. In a way I suppose it was, at least the world as we knew it.

Then when I called my Dad to tell him the WTC was no more, he thought I was making a very bad joke, because he hadn’t heard the news. Walking on the site itself was a strange experience, you can almost sense what happened there, it was a humbling experience. Six years later, like you, I’l still in awe that it really happened.

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