Diana, Diana, Diana. Let It Go!

9 09 2007

It is like the perfect union of form and subject, art imitating life, as tacky slutty middle-aged women the Spice Girls are set to release a single for a tacky, slutty middle-aged woman. Just recently I was saying to a friend how abhorrent it was that the 10th anniversary of the death of a woman who was a media whore and cared solely about herself , who only ever helped charities to further her own PR agenda, completely overshadowed the death of Mother Theresa, who also died 10 years ago and helped charity simply because she believed it to be the right thing to do. What a sad indictment of modern society.

Although she has received criticism (and I myself have criticised her) for being so staunchly anti-contraception, despite viewing first-hand the problems caused by overpopulation, it is important to remember that she did so to stand by the very faith that lead her to help the poor in the very first place. Of course none of this takes away from the fact that, whatever her motives, Diana did get publicity for charities, which should get some recognition. I simply find it repulsive how she’s been sanctified after her death, a death caused, lest we forget, by her trying to keep an illicit affair a secret (not very unusual behaviour for a serial adulteress), while a true modern saint who died less than a week later is forgotten.



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10 09 2007

Well said! 🙂

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