Is The WWE Unwell?

31 08 2007

First there was the Benoit incident. Then there was the death of Brian “Crush” Adams. Now the WWE has suspended ten, as yet unconfirmed, superstars for breaches of the Wellness program. Rumours are circulating online as to names of suspended parties, with huge superstars like former World Champion Edge, former World Champion Batista (who just headlined Summerslam), and former World Champion Randy Orton (who also headlined Summerslam) among them.

This could have a big impact on the course taken by WWE programming, when you consider some of the other names mentioned are current titleholders such as reigning ECW champion John Morrison (Hennigan) and the Intercontinental Champion Umaga, as well as the current RAW General Manager.

As someone who initially never believed the murder-suicide theory of the Benoit incident (until this news broke I was adamant that it just seemed to be too neat a package) this current news has made me rethink. Just how “sick” is the WWE?



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