Wiki-Wednesday – Nut Roll

29 08 2007

Nut roll

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Nut roll is an Eastern European pastry of yeast bread similar to a strudel, with one or more fillings. It is also known as: Potica (or Povitica, depending on the region) in Slovenian; Orechovnik in Slovak; Štrudla in Serbian; Povitica, Orehnjača (walnut variant), or Makovnjača (poppyseed variant) in Croatian. Over time, it has been adopted most by most of Eastern Europe, and has subsequently changed into regional varieties of the same dessert. It is traditionally made to share at celebratory events, and holidays such as weddings, Easter, or Christmas. It is popular in the United States in areas with large Eastern European settlements, such as the Iron Range of Minnesota (where it is known by the Slovenian name potica).[1]


Orehnjača variation of Nut Roll


Orehnjača variation of Nut Roll


Bread Preparation and Design

The bread is sweetened and rolled flat, and the filling is smothered onto the uncooked dough, wrapped around itself, and then baked. The bread has a swirl of filling, and is sliced up. The flavor is not overly sweet as the coffee is usually bitter, and the bread usually has very little sugar.

The three major types of forms of potica include: tradiational rolled bread loaf made via a bread pan, a bun form, and a “crazy loaf” style with a unique texture.[2]


A typical American Nut Roll with a walnut and coffee filling. Note the swirl design within each slice.


A typical American Nut Roll with a walnut and coffee filling. Note the swirl design within each slice.


Traditional Nut Rolls in the US are made with walnuts, poppyseed, and/or coffee. Other variations may also include: vanilla, tarragon, “hazelnuts, honey, mint, curd, cream, cracklings, bacon or dried fruits, … cocoa, chocolate or carob fillings. “[3], and “cinnamon and raisins or currantsbread crumbs, lemon zest, rum and heavy cream or sour cream“.[2] Other fillings include apple, sour cherry or jam.



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29 08 2007
jayne d'Arcy

On my Bohemian side of my family (they don’t recognize the fact that Bohemia was pretty much crossed off the map) I learned about Potica. Love it. Especially when it came out of the oven and you put butter onto it. Mmmm.

30 08 2007

I wanna eat some of that friggin’ bread…

30 08 2007
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Submited post on – “Wiki-Wednesday – Nut Roll”

30 08 2007
Mr President

Who knew a post about bread could generate such interest?

30 08 2007

Strawberry Hill Povitica sells AWESOME Povitica/Potica. They are currently running a buy one get one free offer at this time. Their Povitica weighs 2 1/2lbs. 7 delicious fillings to choose from. Just use offer code 7500 at checkout page. You won’t be dissapointed!! =)

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