Can Exercise Kill You?

28 08 2007

The death today of Sevilla defender Antonio Puerta, just 22 years of age, is both a shock and a real tragedy. The Spanish International suffered a heart attack on the pitch during Saturday’s game against Getafe and was rushed to an intensive care unit. The cause of death is believed to be multiorgan failure, caused by lack of oxygen in the brain and prolonged cardiac arrest. He was incredibly talented, a key component of a quality Sevilla side, and it is sad to see such a promising career cut short when he looked to have the world at his feet, quite literally.

What makes I think makes it so interesting even to those who do not even like football, is that he was just 22 years of age, athletic, had regular exercise and no doubt had a strict diet. His life was probably the paragon of “healthy living”, and yet he died so young. It is probably a bit early to crack jokes, but that has never stopped me before, and you can’t help but wonder if this proves the old saying that a little exercise won’t kill you, but a lot might.

EDIT: To make the story even more tragic, Puerta was apparently due to soon become a father for the first time. Well-written take on the story there, too.



2 responses

29 08 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

I don’t think it is a joke. There’s a bad trend in sports today where an athlete must stay at the top of his form. This leads to excesses in diet, exercise, and abuse of steroids. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was discovered that he had died of being too healthy.

29 08 2007
Mr President

Exactly. It goes back to what Pribek said, the “culture of more”.

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