Naughty Harvey

27 08 2007

Filmmaking kingpin (does that not sound so much cooler than “movie mogul”?) Harvey Weinstein has apparently said he’d hire Lindsay Lohan tomorrow. Why am I not surprised? Dude, I’d hire her tomorrow too. She will probably be high, or drunk, or just feeling particularly slutty, all of which makes it even more likely she’ll “perform” on the casting couch. Oh come on, don’t tell me you don’t know that’s how Lohan got started in the business! Harvey probably liked his last go so much he wants another ride on the Spaced Out Mountains.



6 responses

28 08 2007

She’d be a walking advertisement.

Any publicity is good publicity.

I’d hire her too. Not to mention how easy she’d be.

oops, did I just say that? :S

28 08 2007
Mr President

I hadn’t even thought of that. She’s a walking billboard for any movie she’s in. And yes, you did just say that, I was going for the more euphemstic approach, whereas you said the actual words. Shame on you!

28 08 2007
Andy D

The only reason I wouldn’t hire her is due to a huge lack of funding on my part. Of course, if she can’t get another good picture soon, she may be willing to work for what I can pay. There really is a silver lining to every cloud…

28 08 2007
Mr President

See how far the power of positive thinking will get you?

28 08 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

Has anyone really ever determined if she can even act? Maybe Steven Seagal can hire her for one of his movies?

28 08 2007
Mr President

No, she can’t act. But she’s good at faking it, so I hear.

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