Lies, Lies I Tell You!

23 08 2007

Researchers in Japan say that prolonged use of the Internet or late-night TV just before sleeping can reduce the quality of your sleep, so that even if you sleep as long as everyone else, it won’t feel as long. I say, they’re lying! No, honestly, I want these bags under my eyes. The fact that I spend hours and hours before bed on the net or watching TV has absolutely nothing to do with my eyes being bloodshot. Or that I need to inhale my morning coffee to avoid being a complete zombie. So what if I go to bed tired, barely able to keep my head up? Isn’t that the whole point of sleep? Sleep is for the weak!



3 responses

24 08 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

Who needs sleep when you have the internet?

24 08 2007

Haha, I am the epitomy of tons of internet before bed until my head droops…but hey, I don’t think that has anything to do with the fact that I CANNOT function at work without a morning coffee…nothing at all.

24 08 2007
Mr President

Exactly people! Fight the power!

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