Good On You!

20 08 2007

I was going to write my thoughts on the Right to Die myself, inspired by Jayne’s fantastic submission yesterday, but I actually think that post is doing a great job of generating discussion in the comments section. There is really no point in me writing another. Something to save up for a rainy day, methinks. No, instead I’m just going to take a few seconds out to thank for standing up to those who would seek to silence bloggers.

So long as a blog doesn’t actually break any laws, or the AUP, I see no reason why such blogs should be taken down, simply because someone does not like what’s being said. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of democracy, and blogging has opened up an entirely new avenue for expression, and using blogs anyone can command a global audience to hear them out. An advantage of the internet is that people are able to do research, and verify whatever they read online. Put those two together and there is no justification for censorship of blogs, so long as they do not break any laws.

The reason why this I care about this so much is the nature of this blog. Come on, let’s face it, I say a lot of offensive things and tend to be a bit controversial. If you don’t believe me read my post on Athletic Hijabs. It would be so incredibly easy, especially in the environment of heightened racial tension that exists right now, for someone to make a case to pull this blog down. Yet as a lawyer I know I have not broken any laws, nothing I have said is defamatory and everything is the right side of hate speech. So unless I break’s AUP (which as far as I know, I haven’t) I would be livid if Textual Relations were to be no more. Having put so much work into this blog (sometimes at the expense of important things in my life), it would be a travesty for all that to be wasted.



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