Death By Electric Window

17 08 2007

It’s not the brand new innovative form of the good old death penalty cooked (no pun intended) up by some nutjob in Texas, although it probably should be. They could electrocute a window and then see if the convict was stupid enough to lick it. It would certainly give a whole new meaning to the phrase “window licker”. No, instead, it is the rather tragic story of 5-year old Michael Dury, who was cruelly strangled to death by an electric car window.

Normally in this sort of situation I would be quick to blame the parents but by all accounts the children were only alone in the car for less than five minutes when it happened. Clearly the engine should not have been left running, but to call it negligent parenting would be harsh. I’m sure his parents regret not taking the simple precaution of turning off the ignition but it was a simple mistake. Tragic though it was, you cannot blame the parents for the outcome.



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