My Sincerest Apologies. Ish.

14 08 2007

I’m ashamed of myself. When looking back over my archives I read my very first posts on this blog and thought to myself, “Where has all that vitriol gone now?” Where once this blog was controversial, cruel, and cuttingly blunt (which is quite the oxymoron once you know the root of the word “oxymoron” itself) it has been replaced by a quite sedate commentary on general topics, with my own bias and opinionated nature stamped all over it, but lacking my usual bitterness. Why so, I don’t know, perhaps I am a lot less miserable than I normally am. If that is the reason I can assure you that I am bound to return to being my twisted cynic self soon enough, and if not naturally, I will be sure to make myself terribly unhappy intentionally, just to ensure that the quality standards set by this blog are not allowed to drop. Quite frankly at the moment it is like you are tuning in to the Howard Stern show and getting Songs of Praise. I truly am sorry.



3 responses

15 08 2007

Quite good of you to take one for the team like that.

15 08 2007
Mr President

I am nothing if not dedicated.

15 08 2007
Jayne dArcy

Before writing, put a tack on your chair and sit down. 😉

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