Textual Relations On Twitter Part II

9 08 2007

Sounds like a movie doesn’t it? I did consider “Part deux” but, I try and keep any use of French on this blog down to a bare minimum. Y’know, because it’s French. Naturally, I’m sure you all agree that that’s a fine principle to hold on to, keeping those damn Frenchies out of our lives. Anyway, as some of you may have read, this blog has now got its own Twitter page. The reason I write this is, either this blog has no readers (which I refuse to believe as it’s just so blogalicious, a work of pure genius, I am sure you will agree. Insane genius naturally) or none of you have Twitter. At least, no one is following my regular updates (whether they be micro-blogs or just an update telling you about new blog posts on here). Come on people, it’s so lonely to tweet and have noone follow!



4 responses

10 08 2007

I for one, have no twitter skills. I do admire those who do, ever since SXSW, when I learned that’s what all the cool kids do. đŸ˜¦

10 08 2007
Jayne dArcy

I Twittered for a little bit, but got out of the habit since I really don’t have a life beyond my computer screen. I do have Tumblr – that’s a bit addicting.

10 08 2007
Mr President

Tumblr looks pretty cool, but I’m not sure what I’d write. It’s more like mini-blogs than micro-blogs and as you can see from my Tweets, I rarely have anything to say!

I find it’s useful to post the odd headline that catches my interest with a very short piece of commentary. May try and do a similar thing with a Tumblr account at some point too.

22 10 2007
The Twits « Textual Relations

[…] The coup de grace, however, is the support for multiple accounts. Unfortunately I needed to add the second account twice before it worked but I presume that’s the sort of bug intended to be resolved by the full release. One of the reasons for me not keeping up with the Textual Relations twitter account was because I have my own personal twitter account and all the other clients support only one account so this new feature should see the return of Textual Relations on Twitter […]

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