Well MOD does stand for “Ministry of Defence”…

6 08 2007

I’m a moderator on a forum, and I’ve noticed that whenever I make a comment as a member (ie in a non-official capacity) I am immediately taken to task simply because I have the “moderator” badge next to my name. This would not be an issue if I had said something derogatory or worthy of being picked apart, but it appears I’m not even allowed to pass a comment for fear it might be perceived as “unwelcoming” or “unprofessional”. Let me say that I haven’t been criticised by my bosses, just the member I was responding to.

My response might not have been overly welcoming but I was in no way acting in a professional capacity and it was not a hostile remark, simply one that was missing the usual gushing friendliness that my professional ones come with as standard. Can’t a mod get any peace any more? Aren’t we allowed to be just a “normal” member? I suppose not. Good thing I had my lockstick handy then…



2 responses

6 08 2007

LOL…NO, you need to be gushy and huggable, there’s just no way around it 😉

6 08 2007
Mr President

Yeah, seems that way. Oh well, I suppose I’ll live.

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