No Submission – Germans Are All Work And No Play

5 08 2007

There was no submission this week, but instead here’s a lovely little bit of news. Researchers in Germany have suggested that perhaps office workaholics might be suffering from a lack of sex. Really? Oh, and here was me thinking they were just getting it in the office. Which idiot thought there was a need to prove that? Any fool spending more time in the office than they need to is clearly not having the best sex life. Nothing on God’s green Earth could keep me from leaving work early (let alone on time) if I knew a game of “bump the nasties” was waiting for me. Before someone says it’s because German women are ugly, I give you Heidi Klum. If I was coming home to a roll in the hay with her, I’d never leave for work in the first place. And there was this German teacher at school…mmm.



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