Keira Knightley Does Not Have An Eating Disorder

4 08 2007

I really am so so very happy with this decision. For a couple of years now people have been throwing about comments that Keira has an eating disorder, without a shred of proof other than the fact she looks gaunt and is skinnier than usual. The key words are “than usual”. Go back and watch Bend it Like Beckham and tell me she did not look like a beanpole then. In fact, if I had to guess, I would say she has put weight on since then, not lost it. Also, it’s quite common when people have a busy workload (which she’s had) that they may skip meals, lose sleep, and otherwise lead unhealthy lives, so they tend to lose a lot of weight and look pale. No one is claiming that she looked healthy, but there is a huge leap from that to an eating disorder. Jeremy Clarkson once wrote that he lost weight when filming Top Gear at one point because he was just so busy. I bet no one would ever accuse him of having an eating disorder.



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