Fact or Fiction, You Decide?

2 08 2007

Do recall the source, but this piece of news, if true, is very frightening; one in 11 British Muslims backs suicide bombers. Yes, I know it’s the Daily Mail, and yes, I know, if the BNP owned their own national newspaper…it still would not be as fascist/vitriolic as the Daily Mail, however, the comments supposedly come from an aide of Gordon Brown, so maybe they’re true? Of course that all depends on whether you think that everyone who works for Gordon Brown is as imbecilic as their employer. In this case, I actually do think they’ve hit upon a shred of truth.



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6 08 2007

Statisics are a wonderfully useful tool, but they can be skewed in any manner that the statistician sees fit. And when statistics are used to colour our view of an ENTIRE religious group, well that indeed is frightening.

Did the Daily Mail go into any further detail on the perameters of the study? The problem I envision, is that most statistical “1 in something” scenarios are based on a small sample, which is then applied to the whole set. I don’t think it’s fair to use this model to form opinions on people that we don’t know. If every Muslim on the globe is interviewed/investigated, and if we do indeed discover that 1 in 11 backs suicide bombers, then I’ll put some faith in the study.

In the end, I guess we’ll never have a perfect study like that, so I suppose we believe what we choose to, based on the information available…

6 08 2007
Mr President

Oh I agree that statistics can be skewed VERY easily. I’ve often said so. I would say, though, that there is an overwhelming amount of support for fundamentalists amongst muslims in this country (the study wasn’t global, it was contained to Britain, and I think we also do need to consider the sample set used).

However, I do think it’s important to think about possible reasons for this. Extremism amongst clerics is a serious problem, it unfortunately means a religion of peace, like Islam, is translated into a tool of war. Ultimately, though, these clerics are tapping into a sense of oppression that young Muslims are feeling, so we do need to look to our own actions too.

For myself I have many Muslim friends, none whom agree with suicide bombing. As I said, make of the statistic what you will, I don’t wish to use it to cast allegations in the direction of an entire faith.

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