Two-State Solution On The Horizon?

31 07 2007

Could this mark the beginning of the road towards the two-state solution? To be fair, I’m probably getting ahead of myself, and knowing just how tense relations are, it is not the sort of problem that’s going to resolve itself overnight, nor did I mean to suggest that. However, any discourse between the two parties is to be encouraged, and certainly makes a welcome change from the use of force. If the long-standing conflict is to ever be resolved, it will be with words, not bullets.



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31 07 2007

I hope that they can come up to some sort of a peaceful solution. Its seems so far-fetched though.

1 08 2007

I’d love for that to be true. Problem is, Israel has a history of backing out on deals. Remember Camp David?

1 08 2007
Mr President

Yeah, and I as recall, it was entirely Arafat’s fault it fell through. Israel offered a very good deal, Arafat turned it down.

After all, Camp David was inspired by the 1978 Accords with Egypt which Israel has always adhered to. So to accuse them of backing out of deals is incorrect. If anything it’s the Palestinians who have a history of making demands Israel cannot reasonably be expected to meet (they expect Israel to cede too much territory) which creates an impasse.

With Hamas now controlling Gaza, I don’t see Palestine being in a position to make such unreasonable demands, which should help the process.

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