Is Every Movie About Iraq? No, I didn’t think so…

26 07 2007

Why is it that it has become the standard approach of film critics to claim that films they dislike are spreading anti-Iraqi propaganda? First it was 300, based on the Frank Miller graphic novels written in 1998, 3 years before 9/11. Either Miller’s psychic, or it’s a coincidence. The fact that the film was not an accurate representation of historical events sort of misses the point; neither were the graphic novels, they were never intended to be. Miller himself admitted flaws, but said they were there for artistic reasons. None of the above justifies the accusation that flew about that it had intentionally portrayed Persians as evil, covertly lending support for the Iraq war. Equally, Transformers as a piece of pro-war propaganda? Please! Bad film-making? Yes, It’s Michael Bay, what do you expect? I was a big Transformers fan as a kid, so when I heard Bay was making the film version I was disappointed, and so appalled when I saw the trailers. Not because it’s anti-Iraqi, but because it’s bad, so very very bad.



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27 07 2007

It seems people love to draw analogies to things that fit the certain situation.

However, a number of elements to 300 were added that were not in the original comic. A number of the speeches about freedom, liberty, and a number of other “American” values weren’t part of the original, and could have contributed to people’s perceptions.

Ah well. Good movie.

27 07 2007
Mr President

Good points. Yes, I agree 300 did have some artistic license, but shouldn’t that be allowed in film-making? I agree with you, people like to draw analogies which aren’t sometimes the right comparisons to draw.

I think 300 was a very good movie. Glad you agree.

3 11 2007
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