Wiki-Wednesday – Drive-in coffee shop

25 07 2007

So far I’ve received only one submission for Submission Sunday. I’m unsure if this is because you guys don’t like it, or whether there are simply not enough people interested in submitting stuff, but if you don’t like it, please do give me some feedback to let me know. If you guys don’t enjoy it, I’ll stop the theme day. One theme day I would very much love some feedback on is Wiki-Wednesday as it’s hard to gauge if you guys find this at all interesting. Also, if you guys have suggestions for better ideas for theme days, pop them through, again, through the “email” link at the top of the page. As much as I blog for myself, there would be little point if noone’s reading it.

Drive-in coffee shop

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Drive-in coffee shop, sometimes called McJoint (referring to the McDonald’s drive-in restaurants) is a Drive-in Cannabis coffee shop. It is a concept that has been proposed in the Netherlands, made possible due to a liberal drug policy. None are actually opened yet though.


The idea for a drive-in coffee shop was first proposed in Enschede in 2002. It was a plan by the Neighbourhood Corporation Enschede in order to cut down the issues the city was having with German drug tourists. The idea was to bring down the number of coffee shops in the Lipperkerkstraat, and open a drive-in coffeeshop near the German border. The municipality rejected the proposal however, because they didn’t think it would clear the issue.[1]

In December 2005, it was the municipality of Spijkenisse who proposed the idea of moving the coffeeshop Green Spirit from the town’s center, to a location just outside town, where it would become a drive-in coffeeshop. Out of the 5 proposed locations, ironically enough, one next to the McDonald’s drive-in restaurant was considered the best location. The issue has currently not been resolved yet, and the coffeeshop is still located at it’s original location.[2]



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26 07 2007
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