Homewrecker Lohan

24 07 2007

Can Lindsay Lohan sink any lower? I very much doubt it. Not content with simply making an idiot of herself at every possible opportunity, she has now decided to drag others down with her, trying to breakup a marriage that’s already on shaky ground after the Rebecca Loos incident. Sometimes I wish the ground would just open up and swallow the little skank whole. Although perhaps I would be better off not using “swallow” and Lohan in the same sentence. This is a family blog…



4 responses

25 07 2007
sir jorge

There’s no lower rung on the ladder? Is there?

25 07 2007
Mr President

I don’t believe there is, no.

27 07 2007
Robert Mandrake

She is definitely a mess…

29 10 2007
Celebrity Fads « Textual Relations

[…] as possible in order to reignite their fame. Obviously the most prominent of these would have to be Lindsay Lohan, although Britney Spears was quick to jump onto this bandwagon too. It’s almost as if she […]

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